With over 26 years frontline operational and management experience across the security, risk, facilities and operations management disciplines, Alan offers a complete one stop solution. Whilst fully understanding, current legislation, latest innovations, P&L and the bottom line, Alan can assess, plan and deliver cost effective fit for purpose solutions across both the public and private sectors, furthermore, utilising a method similar to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Alan has the skill sets to head up and implement change whilst supporting and training teams and individuals to the required standards. This is achieved by his total understanding of both brand awareness , business needs, people management, team dynamics and his qualified ability to teach and train.

Alan has a proven ability to deliver the aforementioned results in retail, leisure, aviation, events and corporate environments from the assesment stage through to the service delivery. He can also deliver your project / task and or assignment on budget and on time, whilst being completley transparent during the process and even provide the training and SOP's.
alan_burns_msc_2018003008.jpg Alan Burns MSc
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